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Types of Iranian Pistachios

Akbari (Super Long) Pistachio

This type of pistachio is very stretched and large, and is more stylized than Ahmad Aghaee but it is more expensive than other types of pistachios. Its hand-picked is more popular nuts.

Ahmad Aghaee (Long)

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is larger than Round pistachio and has a great flavor and taste, it is the most delicious type of pistachio. This kind of pistachio is the most common type of pistachio due to its good quality and is the most consumable type of pistachio in nuts.

Fandoghi (Round) Pistachio

Round pistachio is smaller in terms of its shape and appearance than other types of pistachios. Due to the fact that it is a small pistachio, its number in one kilo is more than other pistachios.

Kale Qouchi (Jumbo) Pistachio

As its name implies, pistachios are round, with its own flavor, and because of its large size, it has a special effect and gives nuts a beautiful appearance, and you can find the best type of this pistachio in the Nogh region of Rafsanjan.

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