Botanical profile of pistachio tree

The pistachio tree (Pistacia Vera) belongs to the Anacardiaceae family. The genus Pistacia has 11 species. The pistachio flowers have no petals and mosquito tubers and do not attract honey bees, and the pollen is scattered by the wind. The pistachio tree is a small leaf, it is fallen out and it sleeps the winter.

uThis plant tree is a two-base, namely male and female flowers separated from each other, and each on a separate tree. The pistachio inflorescences are generally clustering, and in the male cluster, the flowers are compressed and dense to each other, more flowers are observed than in the cluster of matter, the distance between the flowers is high on the other, and therefore these flowers form a cluster and a fissure. The pistachio tree sits from 7 to 9 years old and can withstand temperatures of 45 degrees above zero and 25 degrees below zero. It is also resistant to drought and dehydration. Among the different types of pistachio, only pistachio straw species are produced in Iran, and the main areas of pistachio cultivation are concentrated in Damghan, Kerman, Azarbaijan, Qazvin, Ardestan and Rafsanjan.

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