Ahmad aghai :

Ahmad aghai type is very popular with the farmers. The most important reason is that the trees have high yield in short time to reach the production level.

The most common feature to identify this type is that shape is long, and also has the whitest shell hue among the four.

Production of this variety is increasing and this type is the most favourable type in eastern Asia, in particular China and India. This nut is rather large and its shell is semi split from one side and completely spilt from the other side.

Ahmad aghai has a purple-red kernel skin, light green kernel and pale white shell color. Bothe mechanical and naturally open is available.

Akbari :

Akbari has the highest economic value among four varieties, and has the highest shape index (LONGEST). Most common feature to identify this type is that both sides are completely split.

Akbari is also the easiest to open pistachio variety.

Fandoghi :

Fandoghi is the most widespread pistachio variety and grows in most pistachio growing area of iran.

In recent years, around 50% of Iranian production is of the Fandoghi type. Fandoghi is of round type and has the lowest shape index among the four cultivars.

Fandoghi pistachios are the first type in terms of exportation due to being reasonable in price.

Jumbo (kale ghoochi):

The local name is derived from the shape of this type which looks like rams head. This cultivar is famous for being large.

In fact, jumbo pistachios are larger and longer compared to round pistachios. The unique taste of this pistachio is due to its high-fat volume.

Kallehghochi pistachio has a long history in cultivation as it’s been growing for more than 4000 years.

The present distinguished excellent situation of Iranian jumbo pistachio is the result of Iranian farmers and growers perfect ability.

Existing researches show, more than 70% of worlds total jumbo pistachio production is in Iran which in same years touched peak annual production of 150,000 m/t.

This type of pistachio tree has a good yield and the nuts are of round type. It has a great commercial value and belongs to round pistachio type.

This kind is larger than Fandoghi.