In Shell Pistachio Processing

All operations that result in: 1. peeling, 2. washing, 3. separating, 4. drying and 5. grading the product are called processing. This operation can be done fully mechanized, semi-mechanized and in a traditional way. In the mechanized method, the processing is done in a very short time, so that the product imported from the garden enters the processed line and the soft skin, clam tail, leaves of the tree and other extra materials are separated and removed from the line. In the next step, the pistachio product is rinsed with clean water, which is used only once, then the separation of the semisolid pistachios and the full reaches are done and placed in a separate place. Afterwards, the pistachios enter the body of the moisture and extra water is taken. Moisture pistachios are introduced into a drying machine that remains at about 60-50 ° C for a relatively long time (about 8 hours).

Picking pistachios

1. Take the pistachio when it is full.

2. Take the harvest early in the early hours of the day and place the harvested product under shade or cool place.

3. Take pest infected areas in a separate garden.

4. Transfer the harvested product to the pistachio processing centers, which are fully automatic and hygienic, to be quickly peeled off and disassembled. In this way, the color of the pistachio hard shell will be of good color and style.

Desirable pistachio soil

The best soils for pistachio seedlings are light limonic soils, sand and clay. It is satisfactory to use fertilizers for harvesting on land, but in areas of heavy clay that hold moisture to a large extent and for a long time, planting this plant does not yield a satisfactory result, and the amount of the product will not be noticeable. Pistachio tree somewhat tolerates soil salinity.